Norwescon and nwcMUSIC

Dara Korra’ti announces that she’s back with nwcMUSIC as an advisor – as “showrunner emeritus,” as she put it – and relayed this important announcement. If you’re interested in being on programme at Norwescon this year, now is the time to let them know:

I know Norwescon seems forever away, but August is actually when the main work of programming begins. SO! if you are interested in being a panelist, get yourself over to this attending pro information page and use the contact link to tell us who you are and why you would be a good panelist.

Please do so even if you have been a pro before, the programming team isn’t constant from year to year.

Bonus request: if you are an artist, and there are workshops/demos you could run, please include that info; art track is my responsibility and I’d like to increase the amount of hands-on programming.

Westercon 69 filk programme schedule

Westercon 69 is in Portland this weekend (July 1-4, 2016), and here’s the filk schedule, courtesy Westercon’s filk track lead, Linnea Thompson.

4:00:pm Bard Class 101: Presence and Presentation
5:00:pm Intro to Filk and a Guide to the Westercon Filk Track
6:00:pm Concert: North of the Black Sea
7:00:pm Concert: PDX Broadsides
8:00:pm GoH Concert: Alexander James Adams: Requests and Q&A
9:00:pm Open Filking: “Filkbeast” Bardic

11:00:am Parody Song Writing Techniques
12:00:pm Two Shots: Group One
1:00:pm Concert: Riona
2:00:pm Room closed for sound check
3:00:pm Concert: Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
4:00:pm Concert: Andrew Ross
5:00:pm Concert: Jordin Kare
6:00:pm Concert: Steve Savitsky
7:00:pm Concert: Cecilia Eng
8:00:pm Theme Circle: Space Songs
9:00:pm Open Filking: Chaos

12:00:pm Bard Class 102: Voice
1:00:pm Open Jam: All Instruments Welcome
3:00:pm (in main ballroom) GoH Concert: Alexander James Adams
4:30:pm Band Scramble Check-in
5:00:pm Band Scramble
6:00:pm Concert: Frank Hayes
7:00:pm Concert: Lynn Gold
9:00:pm Open Filking: Poker Chip Bardic
12:00:am Open Filking: Chaos

12:00:pm Two Shots: Group Two
1:00:pm The Ukrainian Bandura: How Stalin’s Henchmen Tried to Destroy a Bardic Tradition
2:00:pm Theme Circle: The Odd Corners of Your Songbook
8:00:pm Open Filking: Dead Dog

She also reports: “Portland is also having a Blues Festival that weekend, so if you like blues and plan to come to Westercon you may also want to check out the Waterfront Blues Festival’s concert lineup and sneak away for a few hours at some point. It’s downtown, so it’s only a few stops away on the MAX.”

Queens of Avalon DVD released

The Heather Dale-produced Queens of Avalon musical is now available on DVD at the Heather Dale Band store. From the band:

In this 90-minute Celtic musical, two young princesses must outwit a terrible family curse that threatens not only their friendship, but the very future of their land. Heather Dale (as Morgana) and SJ Tucker (as Guinevere) star in this enchanting adventure.

Rainbowcon I post-con report roundup (in progress)

Solarbird of Crime and the Forces of Evil posted a Rainbowcon I post-con report at her band blog. If you find more reports, let us know; we’ll make a list, like we do for Conflikt.

eta: a-ha!

Conflikt post-con report roundup

This is our roundup of public Conflikt 2016 post-con reports. If you find another one, let us know, and we’ll add it to this list!

Do you have more? Tell us, we’ll add to the list!

New Podcast: The Gosh Darn Fiasco Podcast

The Doubleclicks are launching a new podcast, wherein Angela plays a game of “Fiasco” with her gaming and comedy buddies. A preview episode is up now; the first full episode drops February 1st. Angela reports that subscriptions are already set up on iTunes/PocketCasts/Stitcher and etc., and asks that fans do that to help with the podcast’s launch.