Norwescon and nwcMUSIC

Dara Korra’ti announces that she’s back with nwcMUSIC as an advisor – as “showrunner emeritus,” as she put it – and relayed this important announcement. If you’re interested in being on programme at Norwescon this year, now is the time to let them know:

I know Norwescon seems forever away, but August is actually when the main work of programming begins. SO! if you are interested in being a panelist, get yourself over to this attending pro information page and use the contact link to tell us who you are and why you would be a good panelist.

Please do so even if you have been a pro before, the programming team isn’t constant from year to year.

Bonus request: if you are an artist, and there are workshops/demos you could run, please include that info; art track is my responsibility and I’d like to increase the amount of hands-on programming.

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