Go visit FriendsOfFilk.org for news on current events!

Relaying news on behalf of Friends of Filk and Cecilia Eng! They’re tracking current online events as well as encouraging people to vote for the 2020 Pegasus Awards.

Friends of Filk is tracking many of the virtual filk events and sends advance reminders as well as the Zoom links out to the Emerald Forest Filk list prior to the events. You can also check out the Friends of Filk website at https://friendsoffilk.org and check out the Calendar of Events and submit additional filk event details. There is also an occasional blog, and you can click on the “Song Lyrics” link to pull up song lyrics which filkers have requested during virtual song circles. An effort is made to post event times for the Pacific Time Zone to minimize confusion. Someday when it’s safe to come out, we hope to once again start the Portland in-person filk circles as it would be nice to be able to sing harmonies and choruses together again!

In the meantime, be sure to fill out your nominating ballots for the 2020 Pegasus Awards by the end of July! The link is on the website Calendar of Events reminder. You can vote for up to five songs or filkers per category. One nominating ballot per person!

Norwescon and nwcMUSIC post-con report collection

Let us know about Norwescon and nwcMUSIC con reports and wrap-up posts! We’ll link to them here. This post will be edited to add more links as we find them.

Livestreaming from Norwescon

nwcMUSIC at Norwescon plans to livestream a lot of their shows. You can read the details here, though apparently more deets will be forthcoming.

Dara is also encouraging people to sign up for Cascadia’s Got Talent!, the nwcMUSIC talent show at Norwescon. Acts aren’t limited to music; they’ve had comedians, magicians, things like that. It’s a silly show, with silly prizes, and generally good fun.

Leannan Sidhe’s Mine to Love released

The second album from Leannan Sidhe, Mine to Love, has been released on Bandcamp. All songs are playable on Bandcamp except for the cover of Phoenix’s “King of Elfland’s Daughter,” due to copyright restrictions.

On this release, Leannan Sidhe are Shanti Singleton, Alexander James Adams, Betsy Tinney, Mickey Phoenix, S.J. Tucker, Rob Lindfors, Dara Korra’ti, Sunnie Larson, and Wednesday Phoenix, making it a particularly large instantiation of the band.

The album was recorded at PhantaSea Studios and Supervillian Studios, with engineering by Alexander James Adams and Dara Korra’ti, and mastering by Endless Creations.

New Talis Kimberly Release

Prior Conflikt GoH Talis Kimberly has released Songs for the Wood, a six-song EP on Bandcamp for a mere £3. It’s a fundraiser to help her village to purchase the adjacent woodland known as Kings Farm Wood, and safeguard it for the community. The project is being administered by the Wroughton Parish Council and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Details if you want them, on the Bandcamp page.