Two weeks to Conflikt!

Want to stay in the hotel?  Get your reservation now!

Are you preregistered?  We’re in the last days to prereg for the whole weekend for $55. At-con will be $60.

Con schedule will be up soon, but there’s a preview in the progress report, including a few things you might want to prep for.

  • Two-Hour Instrument Petting Zoo! If you have instruments that you are willing to talk about and demonstrate, and then let people try (supervised directly by you), please bring them!
  • Reverse Engineering Song Workshop with Tony Fabris! Interested? Bring an audio file of the song on a device you can plug into a laptop.
  • Songwriting Workshop with Dara Korra’ti! Interested? Send lyrics, chords, and audio (if it exists) to darako at before the con & bring lyrics and chords of the song to the workshop! (limit 6)

There will also be two-fers, a songwriting contest, a band scramble, yoga, a songwriting panel with Tim Griffin & Hello the Future, and more!