Mailing list archives now complete

Dara and I have now completed work on importing the old archives of the mailing list into this site. These archives are now as complete as we can make them, running clear back to December of 1995, and the only changes we made were:

1) We deleted any messages that were obviously spam, ’cause no need to archive those

2) Dara and I both did some work to repair messages that had either not been recognized as standalone messages, OR, to repair bits of messages that had been incorrectly tagged as standalone messages

The end result is that in several cases, we retrieved messages that weren’t in the previous archives, so yay!

You can click on the “Mailing list archives” menu item to see the full archives running right into this month, where the handover to the new list comes in. All that we’re missing are a few messages between when we opened the new list, and when we got archiving actually working.

Enjoy, all!